Made By A Mother For Our Babies

Plant-Based Soy and Dairy Free Milk Alternative


Why Not Feed Our Babies Plants?

We’re on a mission to provide an alternative infant formula for parents who prefer plant-based products. Ameal is made with organic coconut, cashew, and Brazil nuts while still including traditional formulas high nutritional content.

Ameal also meets the Growing demand for plant based, organic formula, simple and clean ingredients that are also Non-GMO, gluten free, chemical free, USDA organic ingredients, vegan, and vegetarian.

Our Story

My name is Sadetrica Dennis. I’m a mother of two and I’m from Birmingham, Al. I’ve been a vegetarian on and off since 2016 and I’m always looking for more healthy and less processed food for me and my family.

I breastfed my first born for the first ten months of her life but once I had my second child I had less time, energy, I was tired, and a bit more stressed due to the added day to day activities.

I only breastfed my second born for the first two months of her life. I began using soy based infant formula and after only a few bottles she began experiencing upset stomach, long nights, and severe constipation. Watching this was unbearable.

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“Our baby’s health is top priority so what goes into their little bodies, matters just as much as what goes into ours.”

Frequently Asked Questions

As of right now a date has not been established. However, it is in the process of being established and the site will be update as soon as a date is set!

Yes, Ameal has a pleasant smell and taste. With and off-white crème like color and smooth texture. Ameal goes down easy and has a natural blend of ingredients.

Ameal is made with  Vegan and Vegetarian ingredients.

Customer’s support means a lot to the Ameal brand. The funds will go towards the growth and development of the brand as well as charitable causes.

Tree Nuts. 

*Also, some ingredients are manufactured in a plant which processes other products which may contain nuts (Peanuts, Tree Nuts).

Ameal is made with organic ingredients.

All Ameal ingredients is manufactured here in the U.S.

Coconut, Cashew, and MCT Oil are the main ingredients in Ameal aside from the nutritional value.

Made from coconut, MCT OIL is a easy to digest source of medium chain triglycerides.

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